"it feels like home, just music is playing louder and live"

9 facts you need to know about Pohoda Festival

   Balanced line up

   I don’t know how they do that but every year line-up is just perfect. There is whole variety of music styles, forms, moods for everyone. And it’s so natural to dance in mosh pit during performance of some experimental punk-hip-hop-noise band from New-York for example, and in few minutes of changing location be a part of a calm  crowd at the show of Benjamin Clementine. U can visit concerts of famous bands, the name and tracks of which u defenitely know.  U can choose to dance in good vibes of reggae band performing somewhere in middle of the day. U can  open up a bit for something new and visit performance of some unknown band from whatever and become a  number one fan. Or u can find yourself moshing in container  with  20 good-aggressive  guys  trying not to fall out of it  in a moment some Slovakian punk band playing the best gig of their life. Or dancing in the school bus of Bazzookas when they play in the same bus. Or listening to  academic music. Or dance to silent disco in the headphones. Or  ... (write your version here). 

   Local stage

   Except for huge headliners and a lot of interesting bands from all over the world pohoda shows us a lot of Slovakian bands. And make us love them.  Returning to the first specific of festival - there are a lot of good bands either.   Legendary  Slovakian punks, who played at the first festival, world-famous dnb dj, young experimental bands of any type and taste, etc. and the biggest thing is that how local audience react on those names. They can miss performance of a headliner on some big stage to support Slovakian  band. And sometimes it definitely worth that. 

   Good sound

   Of course it isn’t making every gig amazing. U still need the band to make a good performance. But through the few years we’ve been attending festival - there was no time we had to destract ourselves from the show because of sound problems. It’s just a very good bonus for people who waited so long to hear their favorite bands not to stress about sound quality. Every year, every stage, every kind of music is played there - sounds very-very good. 

   Interesting venues

   It’s not only about big stages with a lot of sound and light engineer forms. You can try to dance on roller skates  at Roller Disco venue, or play piano under open sky, or learn some national Slovak dance move at Nay Tanecny Dom, or try to change a wheel on Formula 1 car, or operate big Caterpillar machine, etc. Except  for music you always can find something to do at the festival.


   The Pohoda Festival aims to reduce the impact on the environment by separating plastics, paper, metal, and biowaste. During this campaign more than 1 000 000 plastic cups have been saved by using reusable cups. So this year festival won The Green Operations Award at European Festival Awards 2017. Founder and CEO of the festival Michal Kaščák says about this idea: “We like the place where Pohoda is. That’s why it’s natural for us to approach it with respect. It is also natural for the community of people who meet at the festival, even in the time outside the festival, so green solutions are a long-standing natural part of Pohoda.”   This achievement really visible at the festival. So try to help the team of Pohoda to succeed more in this direction when you visit this place next time.

   Food and drinks

   You can bring your food and drinks to the festival area, but it can’t be in a glass package. You can see the whole list of restrictions in here. But if you don’t have time or too lazy to pack something with you to the festival you can buy food at their food courts. It’s pretty cheap and there is a lot of staff you can choose among. Vegetarian menu included. And it will cost you from 3 to 5eur.

   Nice people

   There is visible increase of foreigners at the festival from year to year. And quality of Slovakian audience changes in a good way as well. This is crowd where really comfortable to be. Mutual respect, collective fun and no confrontations.

   Festival for EVERYONE

   Sometimes it looks like a huge picnic with music playing live. There is attraction and place for everyone. Gaming areas for children or for grown ups, chill zone to renew energy for the next concert, places with workshops and discussions, silent disco, bars, theaters and art installations. The whole area of ​​the festival is wheelchair accessible. Separate toilets for the disabled are available at the festival, as well as raised platforms in the main open stages – Urpiner Stage and Orange Stage.


   Festival, which takes care of you

   Well, that’s just a phenomenon which you need to experience by yourself. Get a ticket and come to the festival and have fun. Pohoda will make everything else for you. See ya’ll at Pohoda Festival 2018.

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