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"tips & tricks" to stay safe and feel good at Pohoda Festival

   Basic information

   Pohoda is located at Trencin Airport in Slovakia. It’s 130km North East of Bratislava, the capital. You can find a way to the festival through info page at official website. Pohoda Festival is cooperating with different organizations and companies to make your way to festival and stay comfortable and safe. For example there are special trains dispatched to Trencin by the company ZSSK as well as the suburban transportation dispatched by SAD TN and the shuttle service within the city of Trencin. So you can easily get there with all the support you need.

 Parking. If you travel by car there is parking zone, places for which you also can buy here. The price varies from how close to the festival area you can park (15-25eur).

   Camping. Camping at festival is free – it’s included in the three day ticket.  Camping area is big but easy to navigate. If you too lazy to bring you own tent you can buy Tent Inn. It’s a tent area with it’s own reception where you can us tent, 2 foam sleeping pads and 2 blankets for 49eur. Also you can find contacts to book accommodations in towns around the festival here.

   Festival area.

   Everything you need during these three days is located within festival area. Refreshments. The festival offers enough food stalls with a complete range of dishes (including vegetarian dishes) and drinks. They will be located in several centres. Therefore, it is not necessary for visitors to bring their own food. Bringing glass bottles, glass jars, and blades to the festival is prohibited (for security reasons). There will be a sufficient number of covered refreshment tents to protect visitors from the rain and sun.

   Hygiene. The festival offers more than 150 flush toilets, more than 500 chemical toilets and several "pee zones" marked with pictograms. Take advantage of the fact that they are touch-free, open air and without constraint. Toilets for the disabled are also available at the festival. Supplier companies provide the maintenance of chemical toilets 24/7.

   NGO and workshops. Except for visiting concerts you also have possibility to take part in different workshops or find out about some initiatives of NGOs.  The festival provides space for many non-profit organizations that focus on ecology and environmental issues. Their stands are located in the NGO passage, in debating tents. Every year, the festival organises an increasing number of workshops and screenings of films on environmental issues, including the area of the Family park.


   What to take with you? Health insurance card, ID card, toiletries, money, overnight equipment according to your demands, and your medication. WARNING - you might need a raincoat and rubber boots. Definitely take a headgear of your choice - baseball caps, hats, scarves, etc. Take care about your health, think also about sun protection (sunscreen, headgear, enough of drinking water, etc.). For what not to take with you - see Restrictions section.

   More information you can find at info page of Pohoda Festival website.

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